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What's holding back Alabama from greatness ?

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What's holding back Alabama from greatness ? Empty What's holding back Alabama from greatness ?

Post by High_leader_georgia Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:49 pm

The biggest thing holding the state of Alabama back is FOOTBALL. In particular Roll tide football , yes sorry to disappoint the Bama fans . Sports worship is nothing more than a ploy to distract the public from communist corrupt and threats as well as the attacks on Csa history and the morality. Using sports they replace state pride with team pride .and pride of what a bunch of dum thugs running around in their tights . I'm not saying don't watch or it's sinful to watch football .im saying it's foolish and wrong to spend so much time and efforts watching and supporting a team of people who could care less about you and your family and nation. Thiers a lot of Breyer things to spend your time doing than drinking bear and yelling roll tide . Also consider the fact of how liberal and anti white collages are nowadays . Also just think about how much we could do if people had the same euthanisim they have about a ball game as in fighting and making Alabama great again. Imagine what should have happen when ex governor bently order Csa flags be token down in Alabama grave yard for sale of being PC in 2015 think about it


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