North Carolnia caving to queer pressure

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North Carolnia caving to queer pressure

Post by High_leader_georgia on Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:26 pm

I'm not here to trash the state of North Carolnia I'm here to expose its weak political leadership something My state of Georgia has as well . Recently the Tar Heel State has bowed to pressure over the bathroom bill . So many corporations ganged up on the state to force it to kneel before the alter of degeneracy. The ring leader of this plot to crush the Bible Belt is Californian Jew CEO Marc Benniof of sales force as well as his allies in the NCAA and NBA . Who threaten to abandon the state . The leaders of nc should have told them to take their thug players and leave and never come back . The state does not need their bread and circuses to survive in fact getting rid of them only makes them stronger. But unfortunately the house and senate caved. Now the NCCA and other coperate snakes laugh . To add salt to the wound the president of NCCA now says "were considering whether North Carolnia deserves the privilege to host our games " im utterly disappointed. Every NCCA game should be pickettsd and boycotted . Down with the bread and circuses made to distract the populist from the true problems.


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