Economic war fare and threats

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Economic war fare and threats

Post by High_leader_georgia on Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:43 am

In the spring of 2016 , the state legislature had past the Religious Freedom bIll this bill allowed business if they so choice refuse to serve queers on religious basics . This is what private property is all about being able to refuse service to anyone u wish as a private enterprise . But them various business and corporate people and CeOs and Hollywood threaten to abandon Georgia and break its economy the man leading this gang of CEOs was a San Fran Jew named Marc Benniof of sales force . He did they same to SC the previous year over the flag issue and won . After various threats the cowardly governor caved to Marxist pressure like a pathetic cuck . A real
Governor would have done wants right and defend the bill and told the Hollywood scum to leave . Hollywood gives little money to Georgia anyway i facts that's why they actually film here instead of a California cause it's cheaper . And the corporations were most likely bluffing and had they tried they should have been arrested for endangering the Georgia people . We must elect a strong state government in 2018 . And pay these corporations a lesson for their anoragnace


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