Georgia Governor race

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Georgia Governor race

Post by High_leader_georgia on Wed May 03, 2017 1:13 pm

Our state governor race is disgusting . You have LTGov Ceagle saying he'll make Georgia the Silcon Vally of the south ( completely ignoring how evil and wicked those people are ) and says we're currently the Hollywood of the south . Hollywood is a hell hole of over hyped and plastic celebrities. This is not what we should aim to be . Also the Hollywood companies also threaten Georgia last year over the religious freedom Bill saying it was anti gay ( which it should be ) . These people come to Georgia to film cheaper films than would cost to make in Hollywood and they threaten us ? Hollywood is corrupting influence on America and we just let them threaten our once great state . CEAGLE should have said we'll make Georgia like it used to be . We need a real man to run for governor not another paper cut cucked out professional polticen . Pls replete if you know of any solid candidates running


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