Southern Sharpshooters

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Southern Sharpshooters

Post by High_leader_georgia_ on Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:19 pm

After witnessing what the NOPD did especially when they had snipers who were ready to kill any innocent Confederate supporter it made me realize that we will need protection at the rallies so we will try to get snipers in heavy body armor and we will have them protect us while they are on the rooftops and we will have armed guards at all times at the front of the rally. I will make southern sharpshooters propoganda and be sure to post it to instagram. Think of it this way if they are 6 snipers trying to kill all ARS members and Confederate supporters and we have 22 to 30 snipers watching our back and protecting us who's goin to stand down exactly the other snipers because they would be outnumbered and they would fear us.


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