ARS Abingdon,VA Rally Plans

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ARS Abingdon,VA Rally Plans

Post by High_leader_georgia_ on Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:17 am

during the rally incase those coons in black lives matter attacked us I want everyone to be heavily armed and can someone order an ARS flag and have it flying at the rally by the way the rally will take place at Sinking Spring Confederate Cemetary now please remember that no one should attack unless they attack. For the Rally I want armed guards protecting us and we will be protecting the confederate cemetary and can yall try to bring more members I will try to get my flag patch soon so that I can wear it to the rally. We will have each ARS Member protecting a confederate grave and also We need an armed guard or two that's protecting the gate. Can yall also bring confederate flags to the rally? Rules: 1. No Fags allowed at the rally 2. No feminists allowed at the rally 3. No Libtards allowed at the rally 4. No trash talking fellow ARS members 5. Black Lives Matter supporters are not allowed to attend the rally 6. Try not to break any laws during the rally 7. Any ARS Members from other states are allowed to join 8. If you need to leave the rally because of something important well you are more than welcome to leave if needed 9. Do not hurt any ARS members 10. No vandalizing anything in the Confederate Cemetary 11. Be sure to get the message out that the American Redshirts Organization is here to endorse Corey Stewart for governor of Virginia and that we are willing to do anything to save our heritage and our Confederate history. If black lives matter supporters attack any of you yall have the right to fight back in self defense. The Rally will start at 4pm till 7pm May 24,2017


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